Overtakng or Passing while Towing

As you have done for a couple of times, accelerating and safely getting around a lumbering truck and slipping back on the correct road lane. As simple as it sounds, you are back on plan. Now put up this scenario.  You are driving a trailer which is pulling a weight on its back, which is a bit longer than the normal tows. Within a twinkle of an eye, another trailer hauling hay enters the same roadway. No sooner than you realize, you find yourself approaching the rear bumper of the rig very fast. In such a situation you might find it harder to handle the situation the same way if you were driving a sleek saloon car. Overtaking while towing is purely a different game. Sometimes, this is the most appropriate action; in other cases, it is not the wisest.

Overtaking or passing while towing requires a skillful driver and a more powerful towing vehicle. more to that, the judgmental ability of the driver is crucial to a successful overtaking. Generally, as a driver, you should know the following tips while overtaking.


Overtakng or Passing while TowingDuring towing, it is a wise idea to give a signal earlier than you would normally, to give a clear indication of your intentions. This passes your communication to other drivers and they respond by giving you space to complete your maneuver.

Overtake on a level ground

Never overtake on a steep descent while towing. Note that you are pulling a momentous amount of weight, and this will make your tow vehicle to behave differently. Again, overtaking while climbing a hill may leave you caught beside the car that you targeted to overtake. Hence if you are to pass, please do so on a level ground when you can clearly see what is ahead.

Make good use of your mirrors

As a driver use of the side mirrors is paramount. Without mirrors, overtaking can be difficult if not impossible. Therefore, use your mirrors to determine the best time to make a pass while towing. Mirrors are also important when merging back to your lane after making a successful pass.

Note the extra added length

A lot of accidents are caused by drivers who forget the extra added length on their tow vehicle while overtaking making them to forget their lanes too soon.  To avoid this, Proper use of the side mirrors is highly advocated while overtaking.

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