Keeping Tow Truck Scammers at Bay

Getting stranded on a busy road when your vehicle breaks down or in the occurrence of an accident is usually a disappointing state. Tow truck services are of genuine service to the general public in such cases. However, some services may end up being for the worst in the current situation. Factors ranging from hidden charges with unethical practices of business may end up disappointing the client. The great need for assistance may drive a client to make fast and uninformed decisions regarding tow trucks. This creates a chance for scammers who are ready to take advantage of vulnerable drivers.

Company Credentials

Knowing the credibility of the towing company is essential in knowing who to trust with your vehicle. Check for company profiles including their license with the required insurance cover of service. One company that we checked their credentials was San Francisco Bay Area Towing. They passed the test with flying colors. Scammers may persuade you into signing off your vehicle whereby you might end up realizing later on various charges involved. Having information regarding how professional services work and towing procedures gives you an upper hand in the identification of scammers. It would be unusual for an unsolicited tow truck to show up immediately in the event of an emergency. Therefore working under contract with a specific tow truck company comes a long way in ensuring your car safety.

black tow truck on street


Information about your insurance cover could be used further by the scammers to solicit money from a driver. By giving out your information, you create a chance for them to impersonate your insurance agency. In some cases, they will send you another outrageous bill hence need to ensure that all payments are invoiced. Giving out this information is dangerous since this could be used to get your personal address or even be used to send you other bills. All information that the tow truck service asks for is usually provided in your insurance cover.

Insurance Policy for a tow truck company

Insurance covers declare what is covered by the agency in case of emergency. Having a deep look into the services offered helps you know when to call them in emergency situations. However, some covers do not include tow truck services therefore essential for you to get a cover that well suits you. In such cases, it is always in the best interest to accompany the tow truck and not rely on shop referrals. Replacement must follow the required process with only genuine parts used when needed. Additionally, this should be done in writing with the necessary parties involved.

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